Make Your Own Roulette Wheel


You know how people can play casino games at home with their mobile by using bonus codes like the Betive bonus code? Well, the reason for the appeal is that many people don’t want to leave their house to play at a casino. But what if you wanted a more realistic approach to the problem? Playing cards and dice is easy, but today, we are going to show you how to build your own roulette table.


You may be tempted to go with plastic. Don’t. As amazing as the printing tech is today, nothing beats the good old-fashioned wood. Specifically, mahogany. Why wood? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, it is durable. Secondly, it looks nice and thirdly, and arguably most important, it gives it a vintage feel.


You may look up the specs online because there are different types of roulette wheels. However, in order to move things along and give you some idea what to expect, we have uncovered that the regulation size wheel is 32 inches in diameter and around 100 pounds. It is up to you whether your wheel will have a zero or a double zero.

Making the Wheel

If you are not a carpenter or don’t know how to craft something out of wood properly, you’d best turn to one. The basis of the process sounds simple enough. You build the wooden frame and then sandblast it and polish it. This will ensure that your wheel looks like something made by a true craftsman. After the production, you need to place the numbers. Keep in mind that they need to be spread out to ensure fairness. Furthermore, your wheel needs to turn with minimal traction.

Test and Back to Square One

Never fail to take into account the importance of testing before you present the final product to your friends. Play a few games by yourself to ensure that the wheel is turning with no obstructions and that the results are random. The latter part might be a bit difficult, but you’ll get there.

If, by any chance, your first wheel doesn’t do the job, instead of fixing it, unless it’s a minor problem, your best bet is to start from scratch. Many people will tell you that it is far better to start fresh instead of fixing, again and again, the small flaws.

Play the Game

Now, you are ready to present your creation to your mates. No longer will you have to visit casinos miles away or settle for the mobile version. It used to be that you need to go to play the game, and now the game came to you. Enjoy.

The World of Speed Carving


Carving is known as a way of shaping something into the desired shape by using tools. Normally used to make a sculpture, a figurine, or a new tool, this art form has found its way into competitions. Now, these competitions are still relatively locally-based, aimed at a specific group of enthusiasts, so it is not likely that there are people out there betting on it using the bet365 promotional code. The type of competition we will discuss in this piece is speed carving.

Chainsaws and Art

First of all, the tool used for speed carving is mainly your regular chainsaw. The amount of wood which these machines can remove at a record pace is astounding, but the art form was not present until the 1950s. Since then, people were able to create elaborate giant wooden sculptures and exhibits. Now, the question was: how to make the whole thing even more exciting?


Every year in the United Kingdom, there is a competition that has a strong appeal to hundreds of people. The artists have a limited time frame to make something beautiful during the English Open Chainsaw Competition, where anyone can enter, provided they have sufficient skills. Like in many other competitions of this nature, the sculptures are sold at an auction, so, even if you don’t win, you could still get your money’s worth.

If you are a fan of some of Japanese products and services, you may have heard of Toei. This city has not avoided the trend of speed carving. In fact, Toei is behind one of the biggest chainsaw carving clubs in Japan and beyond – the Toei Chainsaw Art Club. The club runs chainsaw competitions with clear rules, including the one where every art piece must have a title.

There are three categories. The Main Carving category allows you four hours and nothing but the chainsaw as your tool. The Speed Carving category gives you only an hour and a half, but you can use several other told and even paint your work. Finally, there’s Super Speed Carving, where you only have your chainsaw for 30 minutes. The entry fee is a bit high compared to the prizes you can win, but you can also sell your work at an auction.

The US also has an Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship. They welcome enthusiasts from everywhere for some socializing, guest carving, and pizza. There are judges to evaluate the sculptures and you can attend the auctions, as well.

Why Do It?

Some people are just proud of their woodwork. It also shows that you need a bit of skill and ingenuity to pull off making a sculpture in a limited time frame using the most destructive and awkward tool to do it. There is some beauty to wielding something used to take down trees and make something beautiful and memorable.

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned before, it is not as popular a hobby as, say, playing sports, enjoying online games, or many others. That means that this is a great way to meet fellow carvers, share stories and tips, and maybe even carve together.

How to Design a Website?


More and more people are entering the IT industry, trying to get their piece of the pie. One of the most popular jobs is definitely web designing.

You browse through the Internet on a daily basis and you’re probably visiting dozens of websites every day. You maybe never thought about it before, but someone had to make every single website you visit, draw every line, arrange all the elements, and pick all the colours.

Although some websites look fairly simple, every web designer knows that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of hours behind it. Having a plan and sticking to it throughout the process of designing a website is the key to success. While you might get the final product without a plan, you would at least save some time by having something to guide you all the way through.

The site reviewing the Pinnacle VIP code, for example, has a great navigation bar on the right side and all the content related to the code on the left. The white layout and the blue background create a lovely contrast that makes reading and browsing the website enjoyable.

The Idea

It all starts with an idea — it is the very first step of designing a website unless you’re working for someone else. If that’s the case, feel free to skip to the next subheading. However, if you’re working on your own and you want to create something big, it is important to write down all of your ideas, analyse them thoroughly, and ask yourself how good they are.

What’s the purpose of the website? How much value would there be for the visitors? What industry are you looking to enter? What type of content should your website contain? Is it going to be static or dynamic? One-page or not?

Those are only a few fundamental questions you need to answer before starting the implementation process.

Design and Structure

Now that you have established your idea, it’s time to think about the structure. Creating a hierarchical structure is one of the options. Start by thinking about your homepage. If your homepage is the landing page as well, that is the first thing your visitors will see. You have only a couple of seconds to present yourself, show what you’re doing and what you’re offering to your visitors. You should draw the sketch of your homepage before continuing.

Think carefully about all the pages you want to have on your website. These are the pages you are going to link to your homepage. The links can lead to the ‘About me’, ‘Contact’, ‘Blog’, or anything else you want the visitors to see if they decide to stay on your website. Keep going until you get to the very last page of your website.

Choose Languages and Tools Wisely

There are so many tools and languages you can use to create your website. If all you need is a static website to promote your business or products, think about free website builders. In case you want to get more serious and do the job by yourself, decide which front-end and back-end technologies you want to use.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are fundamental for the front end. Opt for various JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as Angular, React, or Vue. On the back end, you have a lot more options to choose from — PHP, Java, Python, C#, etc.

Host, Deploy and Promote

Browse through hosting companies online and pick the one that suits both your budget and your needs. Once you’re 100% sure that both the design and functionality are satisfying, your website can go live.

All that’s left to do now is update the code when necessary and promote your website.

Create the Perfect Design Portfolio


The best way to present your work to companies, individuals, or anyone else is to create a portfolio containing all of your work. Being a designer means that everything needs to look great — all the elements should fit perfectly. That also goes for the portfolio.

You don’t want to just list all the designs you have worked on — that could make people lose interest. Your work might be extremely impressive, but if the presentation of your collection isn’t as good as the content in it, you’re not using all the tools necessary to get people to look at it.

Choose Wisely

You could simply grab everything you have ever worked on and include it in your portfolio. However, you shouldn’t do that. There’s no need to rush. You already have a lot of examples of your work, and if you had the time to work on all of that, you should have the time to go through all of it once again and pick wisely what you want to present to the public.

Your portfolio needs to be simple, clean, and beautiful. The person looking at it needs to navigate through it easily, without being overwhelmed by the content. If the portfolio is on a website, show only a couple of pieces at the time.

Include Your Best Work

If you don’t have enough designs, it might be worth it to take some time and create something fresh, new, and eye-catching. Browse through all of your designs and make sure to include the ones you’re most proud of.

Pick projects that got the work done in the past, produced great results on the market and received amazing feedback. Don’t include generic examples that every other designer has. That also goes for the final product of tutorials. There are probably thousands of designers out there who have completed the same tutorial, guide, or class and got the same or similar design as you in the end. You don’t want to have plagiarised content. The key is to go with the most creative and unique pieces of work.

Variety, Quantity and Quality

Even if you’ve been creating designs for one specific niche, you want to go for variety when it comes to the looks, elements, and topics. The number of designs you include in your portfolio is quite important as well. It doesn’t hurt to have a lot of examples included, but keeping it at a reasonable level is recommended.

Think about where you’re sending your portfolio. Also, implementing filters for large online portfolios is a great idea. Finally, remember that online portfolios need to be in high resolution and look great on screens of all sizes and resolutions. In case you need to print your portfolio one day, the high resolution will come in handy.

Graphic Design: Is it Art?


Graphic design has become more and more popular over the years. It is found in every field of our lives. Graphic designers work on visual presentations of different kinds of media. They create web pages, newspaper ads, logos, banners, animations and other. For example, take a look at online betting sites such as Graphic design is responsible for the web page design, for the banners on the site etc. It is responsible for everything we see on the page.

Graphic designers use illustration, typography, and photography in order to pass a certain message. For that reason, they see themselves as artists. Many people claim that graphic design is art while others claim it is not. The debate has been going on for years and the opinions are divided. Some people support the idea while others do not.

For that reason, in the following article, we will try to present some similarities and differences between graphic design and art in the literal sense in order to see whether graphic design is art or not.


The first thing in which graphic design differs from art is in its purpose. In art, artists try to create a work of art which will create an emotional and intellectual bond with the viewer. However, in graphic design, the purpose is quite different. Graphic designers create in order to convey a message or an idea. Unlike artists, designers do not aim to trigger feelings in their viewers but they try to make them understand the message they want to convey. For instance, they want their consumers to buy a certain product.


Another thing that makes graphic design different from art in the literal sense is its pragmatic function. Art is interpreted while graphic design is understood. When it comes to art, a work of art has a function to trigger a feeling, a feeling that can convey a certain message.

However, the message does not have to be the same. Some people can interpret the message in one way, while others can interpret it in some other way. This does not mean that one interpretation is wrong while the other is right. In art, both are right.

When it comes to graphic design, there is no ambiguity. A graphic designer conveys one message, and that message should be understood by the viewers. If the viewers fail to understand it the graphic designers did not do a good job. The message should be exact, precise, and easy for understanding. Ambiguity is not an option.


Art is a talent. The greater talent you have, the better works of art you create. However, graphic design does not need any talent, it requires great skill. The better skills you have, the greater designs you will make. Skills require practice, so in order to make a great graphic design, you need to practice a lot.


When we compare graphic design to art, we can say that even though it involves a lot of creativity, graphic design is not art. Although it requires some talent, it is more a skill that is practiced. The purpose of the designs is to convey one specific message that should be completely understood by its viewers. For that reason, graphic designers need to be precise and to know their audience well.

4 Bingo Games That Are Works of Art


Make no mistake – bingo is awesome. It combines luck with focus, as the perfect combination is just around the corner. It’s not about winning, that’s just a perk. It’s about playing the game. Here is a small personal confession – I use bingo bonus codes when I can get a hold of them not to win money, but to prolong the game, especially if the bingo game in question has a creative and artistic design. So, without further ado, here are some bingo games with the design that will set your heart aflutter.

Bingo Tale

This is not just a game, but something more – and you can play it with your friends. It is available at Google Play and the Apple Store. If, by any chance, you are not a fan of playing on your phone, don’t fret! You can even visit their website and play for free. The animated fox presents you with playing options, as well as your score. You don’t need to play it online, or with others, but it sure makes it more interesting.

One of the features that separate this game from others is the chat feature, so you can talk with your friends while you are destroying them on the game. It’s suitable for anyone, whether you like to play casually, or for keeps.

Bingo Blitz

Developed by Playtika, this game features two characters that help you on your journey – Blitzy and Moxi. The point of the game is to travel around the world and win bingo games in the most beautiful cities on the globe.

There is a bunch of power-ups and bonuses that you can get, even just by logging in daily. The game boasts over 10 million users who downloaded it and over 5 million likes on Facebook. This isn’t a big shock, seeing how Playtika is taking the world of game development by storm. Bingo Blitz is just one of their many successful projects.

Halloween Bingo

Are you ready to get spooky? Granted, Halloween is over, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the combination of scary monsters and your favorite pastime. The game is frequently updated to give you the best experience, and you get to enjoy a gallery of monsters that somehow manage to be both scary and adorable. There are even special events and rooms, like The Day of the Dead, where you get to enjoy the artistic skull designs of the cards.

Bingo Quest: Elven Woods

We’ve saved our favorite for last. This game is perfect for fantasy enthusiasts, as it makes you travel through the elven woods and 80 levels, making this game seem more like a fantasy RPG, rather than a bingo game.

The reason this is our favorite is that, as you play, you get to unlock and win some amazing artwork that features elves, fairies and more. So, if you are a fan of the mystical forests and their secrets, if you are looking to immerse yourself into the world of wonder, and are on the lookout for an awesome bingo game, look no further – you’ve just struck gold!

Online Art-Related Games – Is Art in Online Games Important?


Online games are an easy way of spending some time not thinking about work or anything that might stress you out. Online games have a tendency of attracting people as they are simply put, fun. While being fun is almost mandatory for any online game, having great artwork is also if not essential, then highly anticipated.

Whether you are playing a racing game, slot machine game or a platformer, the artwork of a game needs to be up to standards. With the modernization of both hardware and software, many people have access to easier ways of creating beautiful art. Therefore, art became important in various genres of online games. Let’s explore some of those genres to see what each of them can show you, art-wise.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games were not well-known for their art in their inception, but a lot of time has passed since then. Now, they joined the club of better art, for the sake of having better profits. There are some exemplary games but the most beautiful artwork is found in slots. Slot machines require better artwork than the rest, as they offer pretty simple gameplay.

Tropicana Casino has some interesting games like the DaVinci Diamonds. You can’t expect more art than DaVinci, even though you can still find interesting and beautiful designs in games such as Cleopatra, Baywatch, Asgardian Stones, Acorn Pixie, Dead or Alive and many more. Those who really like slots can take advantage of Tropicana promotions and bonuses and get free money with their first deposit.

While there are other casino games such as Age of the Gods Live Roulette, slots tend to make up for most of the online casino games, especially when it comes to artwork.

Online Shooters

Shooters are by far some of the most interesting games online. They tend to be quick and fast-paced, requiring twitch reflexes. People enjoy them as they also relieve a lot of stress. One could easily relax with an age-old classic such as Wolfenstein 3D. This game was released back in 1992 but it is available for free, to play in a browser of your choice. While the artwork might not be modern, it is certainly amazing in its own way.

Contract Wars takes the modernization and applies it completely. For a browser game, it features everything from graphics to a lot of weapons and great gameplay. It is also free and is a multiplayer game. Not bad for a browser game.

Online Strategy Games

City builders are very popular and have their roots in gameplay, but also in art. Elvenar is such a game, where the art is as important as the gameplay. Building a city full of elves and humans is nothing novel, but the way they did it entices you to play over and over.

League of Angels III also does a lot of things right. You can get into it quickly and never cease to learn how you can improve your gameplay. The rich story and art can keep you staring at your screen for hours and hours.

Command and Conquer – Tiberium Alliances brings back the GDI and NOD factions, battling for Tiberium. This is a familiar story which does not get old, especially when the game feeds you great art.

There are plenty more online games with great art, but these can definitely catch the eye first.

Essential Art Supplies and Tools for Artists


Being an artist requires you to have the right tools, as much as it does talent and hard work. Working without the right tools can lead to problems, regardless of the work you’re doing. If you’re a passionate gambler, for example, you need the knowledge to play the slots or craps, which you can easily get from multiple online sources such as And the more you invest yourself in art or gambling or whatever hobby you’ve got, the more you learn to appreciate and make use of the more expensive tools.

Here are the essentials any artist should have:


Pencils are always necessary to an artist. They are either wooden or mechanical and can come from a variety of brands. Familiarize yourself with the brands and find one or two which suit you the best. Always have a couple of pencils handy, as you never know when you might need them.


This one shouldn’t even be mentioned if you have pencils. Yet, people still forget erasers and complain when they can easily make corrections to their works without much hassle. Erasers also come from different brands but you should find one that doesn’t leave a mark.


These are very handy, especially if you have an outburst of ideas. Sketching them quickly will keep you from forgetting. They are also very handy if you want to bring your work with you, have it as a backup CV.


Canvases are simply put a foundation of an artist. It is THE tool of the trade. It does require other things for it to display your masterpiece.


Whether you buy oil or watercolors, it is up to you. Take note that not every type of paint is good for every type of layer. Acrylics can go on almost anything while oil tends to be pickier. Watercolors favor paper, but other layers aren’t as bad. There are plenty of paint types and brands to choose from.

Easels and Palettes

Both are necessary if you’re painting on a canvas. Well, they are not necessary but will make painting much easier. Easels should be bought according to what you’re painting and how much room you have around you, while palettes come in different material types, wood, acrylic or plastic.


Ah, here the choice becomes immeasurable. There are many kinds of brushes which do different things and have different effects. To know which one you need requires you to paint. To avoid this paradox, start off with a recommended brush from a local store and practice away.

These tools are the ones artists need the most, the essential ones.

Wooden sports crafts to make with your kid


It can be difficult to convince your child to spend time with you, which is why parents have to come up with something that interests him personally. If your kid loves sports and has the gift of being crafty, you can make together wooden sports themed crafts. We’ll give you a few ideas below.

As for the adults who love sports, here’s a Betdaq promotions code to place bets that can potentially bring you extra cash, at least to pay for the materials you’d be using for the crafts.

A mini table football table

While you might not be able to afford a real table football table, you could at least try to make a model of it. It’s true you couldn’t actually use it, but a child who likes football would probably want to show this to his friends. Besides, he might even be interested in the building process itself.

The trickiest part is to make a wooden box without a top. If you don’t think you have the skills for that, stick to a simple shoebox that’s quite sturdy. Use long wooden barbecue skewers as support for the “players” that you can carve in wood. The easier option is to use painted clothespins but then where’s the crafty part? Let the child do the painting and you stick with the dangerous bits that involve cutting and sculpting.

Decorative cutouts

For this you need a template and wood cutting tools, so it is most suited for people with carpentry experience. Young children will not be able to be involved  in the cutting part but if you want to do that with a crafty teenager, it’s a great idea to make sports themed cutouts. These could be 2D shapes of balls (football, basketball, baseball etc) or more complicated items like team logos.

For example you can make several cutouts and tie them together on a rope that you can hang as wall decor in your child’s bedroom. The logos can actually be carved in big sizes and hanged on the wall too. On the contrary, you could cut them real small to use as key rings.

Wooden scoreboards

If your child likes team sports that require a scoreboard, you can build it together. It’s actually very easy to make. All you need is a plain piece of wood of appropriate dimensions. You can either carve the score and team names or just have the letters painted in different colors.

It’s even better if you have a particular game in mind that speaks of a memorable event in that team’s history. Another idea is to use a blackboard with a custom frame that you create together with the child, but it wouldn’t be as fun or interesting as the former option.

Wood carving exhibitions in the UK


Wood carving is considered an art and it has many forms depending on what wood you choose and what tool you use. A spectacular form of wood carving that attracts a lot of people is the so called chainsaw carving. There even are competitions and of course, exhibitions of artists’ work.

There is an unexpectedly high number of wood carving related events in the UK. We’ll mention the ones that gather the biggest crowds and have an online website to keep people informed on the latest news. Some of them offer you the ability to purchase tickets in advance over the internet. If you find yourself in a bit of a financial struggle right now, you could use this Casino bonus code to make some money to attend the exhibitions. The tickets aren’t too expensive anyway.

Weird and Wonderful Wood

What an artistic name! This art and craft event that focuses solely on wood products will take place on the 19th and 2070 May of next year, at the Haughley Park, Wetherden, Nr Stowmarket in Suffolk. The fee is £10 for adults, £5 for children under 12 while children under 3 don’t need a ticket.

You will see here beautifully crafted wooden object of all sorts. There also are plenty of demonstrations like the making of musical instruments and furniture as well as chainsaw carving and wood turning. You will have the chance to meet more than a hundred wood carving artists who will come to display their works.

The Devon Country Show

Wood sculptures are just a part of this event. You will watch live demonstrations of country life aspects and you’ll actually have the chance to try some things yourself. There will be hundreds of Westcountry crafts created by promising artists for you to admire. All this is taking place surrounded by street food and live music to keep your spirit happy. The show will take place on May 17-19 2018. The big plus is that they’ll organize a party to celebrate the Royal Wedding between Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle on the last day of the event (May 19).

The West’s Wood Fair

This will take place in East Dean, nr. Chichester, West Sussex next year. The exact date is yet to be established, so keep an eye on their online website to find out the latest news. The actual exhibitors are not yet known but you can take a peak at last year’s edition to see what to expect. They had a lumberjack display team, a backyard blacksmith, unique handcrafted wooden objects, chainsaw carving demonstrations and of course actual wood carving by hand. There will also be all sorts of competitions like the Log Roll, the Handsaw Race and Hammering a Nail.