Best carving websites


Are you looking for some other carving websites to occupy your time when you’re not reading this website? As much as I don’t want to turn away my readers, here are some of my favourite websites. Besides jackpots online which is my absolute favourite – of course!

  1. HONGKIAT has a great page which I love to peruse on my iPad when I’m babysitting the kids. This page has 55 Amazing Wooden Sculptures to check out. Click here for more.
  2. Jeffro Uitto’s work is also wonderful. You can find out more about his work from his website, here.
  3. Next, head on over to the Mike Rea page. You certainly won’t be disappointed with his work. I spend a lot of time checking out all of the new things on his website. It’s a great place for inspiration. I recommend heading over to this website as soon as possible. Check it out here.
  4. Gallery 78 is another choice which you should certainly be checking out. This website has a huge array of options. Head over to the gallery now by using this link.
  5. I’ve mentioned Bruno Walpoth in a previous post on this site. However, you should visit this page so you can find out more about the genius.
  6. Do you like NYC? Maura is a wood carver in NYC – check out her website and peruse the many different delights on her site. She also has some very informative information which any newbies, or even professionals, may really enjoy reading!

Do you have any great websites for me to check out? These are just a few options which Google, and friends, let me know about. However, I’m sure my readers have a lot more suggestions which I can certainly be checking out and enjoying while the kids and dog run around, driving me crazy. Until next time!

Review of greatest carving tools


If you are looking for the best carving tools, all you need to do is head on over to Amazon and you’ll find a long list of some of the best options.

However, there is a fantastic option of a twelve set of Gimars. These are SK5 Carbon steel wax and wood tools. They are perfect for wood carvings. However, they are definitely for beginners. Which is why I am recommending them on my site! If you are just starting out, then make sure you get a kit which is simple to use and easy to understand! You can also show your kids these tools, as I have also done! Just make sure there is always a responsible adult about (not me then!)

This kit isn’t expensive and is definitely worth checking out, here. Let me know if you have any favourite tools as I am currently working with a few options passed down from my grandfather to work on my current projects. However, as I am trying to teach my kids the trade, I need to find more options which can suit our family needs!

Something I love about this tool kit is the money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the tools. There is a large range of tips to choose from so you can get the exact look you need but also refined wooden handles, so you don’t have to hurt your hand while using them!
This toolset is for SOFT wood – so keep this in mind. It is very much for beginners or children. Choose from basswood or pine. Certainly do not use cherry or hardwoods such as oak. However, this is a great way to learn. So simply start using these tools and then move onto harder woods once you’ve perfected the basics.

The little carving tools look and feel great so I recommend you give them a try! With this part of my site, I hope to be reviewing some of the greatest carving tools around. However, this first choice is not a cheap option, although the price tag may be low, they certainly don’t feel like cheap, plastic options to use! They’re a fantastic array of options, so send off for them while they’re in the sale!

Best carvings in the world


Carving isn’t as rudimentary as many people think. Instead, you can in fact find everything from human forms to spaghetti seats. Yes, there really is a huge number of things you can do with a simple piece of wood (that is with a little practice and a lot of time!) Some of my favourite carvings in the world are:

Bruno Walpoth’s Human Sculptures. The amazing artist creates fantastic wooden sculptures. After completing the carving, Walpoth will then cover his whole creation with a paint which is semi-translucent. The final result is amazing and takes your breath away completely!
Eboarch is a collaboration between Yon Ju Lee and Brian Brush. They were able to create a “Seat” which is made from 400 wooden chairs. The result is incredible and the effect cannot be described – you simply need to Google it!
Dan Webb is particular favourite of mine. He created “Destroyer” – something which you should certainly be checking out!

These are all large structures and pieces which I aspire to create. However, there are also many smaller pieces which I am also impressed by! For example:

I am a HUGE fan of Caricature Carvings. Those done by Phil Bishop are particularly fantastic. I’m always amazed when people can create stunning caricatures on PAPER, so when it’s done in wood – wow.
As well as carving, I also love architecture – although this is only a very amateur passion – I especially love when the two passions come together. So, James McNabb is an absolute favourite of mine. His work focuses on small abstract cityscapes. However, McNabb focuses on unique pieces.
A piece which I think is really cool is a blend of both carving and technology. Michael Rea created Wooden Technology and he even includes both glass and steel. In fact, his work is mainly inspired by sci-fi films!
A larger idea which I am very interested in is Jeff Uitto’s Driftwood Sculptures. Imagine! He finds large pieces of driftwood and creates amazing sculptures such as giraffes and horses. I’ll be linking his work in a later post.

I hope to add images to this page once I find the best options, or once I visit the amazing works myself! Are you an aspiring carver? Please send me your best work so I can display it on this website. If you need my tips or help – then also get in touch! I love to connect with local carvers, as well as carvers all over the world!

Carving through ages


As one of the oldest art forms in human history, wherever wood and humans has existed, wood carving has happened. As a light and highly manipulative material, it was preferred to the much heavier stone.

In the Biblical tradition, it is suggested that the first man, Adam, was the first wood carver.

Wood carving has been used to develop new technology, instruments, buildings, as well as an art form to be admired in its own right.

In modern Australia, Oceanic art was often produced by carving with wood. This was particularly used for the creation of canoes to travel as well.

While in North America, the Native Americans used wood carving to make totem poles for spiritual occasions. However, due to the perishableness of wood, it is unclear to historians how this tradition emerged.

In Asia, wood carving was also widely used. This is especially the case in Japan and China. Even today many of the most notable buildings, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing was construction with wood.

While in Europe, the art form was mostly used for the construction of homes, churches and cathedrals in the early-medieval period.

In many African societies, wood carving was used to produce wooden masks, as well as religious and ceremonial figures.

The creation of figures has been a regular feature in the history of wood carving. This was extremely difficult to create details and the wood soon started to crack. However, in many cases the details were of little concern since paint would be added for the details.

This is why many modern sculptures tend to favour marble and other materials. Nevertheless, woodcarver continue to carry out the long tradition of wood carving.

Unfortunately, much of the historical products of wood carving are no longer available to us, since they have subsequently perished.